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How To Fill Out Adsense Capacity In Which Acting

Adsense Capacity in Which Acting, it is a section on the tax information that must be filled out in order to redeem any Adsense earnings. Even if you earn hundreds or thousands of dollars using Adsense, they will not release them to you until you have filled out the appropriate information. You will likely see an notification as seen here. adsense action required

Simply click on this notification which will take you to your payee profile. If you don’t have a notification you may manually navigate to the payee profile by clicking “Payee Profile” on the left hand side menu. Under this area there is Tax Details section and a link Update tax information. click on the link to bring you to the next step.

adsense payee profile

Now just confirm with Google that you are, indeed, not affiliated with the United States for your income. By clicking “No” on each option, you as essentially telling Google that you do not live in the United States, you do not pay anyone from the United States to create, market or otherwise with the money you receive from Adsense. Why do they do this? Because otherwise you need to claim income taxes under the United States laws. [Adsense Capacity] [the_ad id=”581″]


submit adsense tax informationThe next screen typically is the most questionable by users asking things like “what does the Adsense Capacity in which acting: mean?” or “what do I write for the Adsense Capacity in which acting?”. It is confusing because they have to word it with this legal terminology. Essentially what they are asking is; who are you, and why are you signing this tax information? So who are, indeed? Are you the Publisher? Most likely you are the publisher. You would be the publisher if you are a blogger with these Adsense ads on your website or blog. So the answer then becomes simple; your Adsense capacity in which signing is “Publisher”.

adsense capacity to sign


If this tutorial and information was useful for you, share the love. Happy money making online!



Turn Off Retail Mode On Samsung Galaxy S7 S7 Edge

I have put together this tutorial so help retail representatives truly demonstrate the Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 edge to their customers. I wanted to take our demo phone for a real spin over the weekend while the shop was closed, so I removed retail mode so that I was able to use fast charge and always-on screen. Certainly a wonderful feature which helps to save battery and the wireless fast charger is fun to play around with.

In regards to morality of removing retail mode for lost & stolen phones, to the thieves; your mobile device has likely been blacklisted and while you may still be able to use it on WiFi only, you will find that the phone will not activate on any North American network. So hopefully you’re simply a retail rep. So let’s get to it…

Step 1.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Home Screen

From your Home Screen touch the “Apps” icon – it’s in the bottom-right corner.

Step 2.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Samsung Retail

Scroll through your apps and find “Samsung Retail Mode” app ….. not be confused with the “RetailMode” app. Open up Samsung Retail Mode.


Touch “Configuration settings” 

Step 3.

Samsung S7 Edge Admin Password


Enter the password: 5444 and touch OK. This will unlock the admin menu we need.

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Step 4.

Samsung S6 Edge Disable Factory Reset

Now turn OFF “disable the factory data reset”.

Step 5.

Galaxy S7 Edge Retail Password

Enter the following admin password M729Q16K8546 and touch OK. Now you will be prompted to Factory Reset the phone. It is the final step to turning of the Retail Mode on your Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

GS6 Edge Retail Factory Reset

All demo contacts, photos, text messages and other preloaded content will be lost, but you will be able to demonstrate always on screen. You may also adjust the retail demo mode to play only during certain times of the day, or on certain days, but the only true way to turn off retail mode is to do the factory reset.

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Should I Update My Sony Z3 To Lollipop?

So you finally got yourself a Sony Z3 and you absolutely love its vivid HD screen, stereo speakers and wicked battery life. You’re completely content with how your mobile device is performing and you don’t want to ruin that by updating to a possibly buggy, new OS (aka Lollipop).

Well, I’m here to show you every step of the upgrade process so that you know exactly what to expect, and possibly if you’d rather stay on KitKat.

I will tell you the one and only thing that bothers me about the update; if you have a security password or pattern on your device, when you wake the screen you must first swipe then enter the security protection.. This is different from KitKat in the sense that you only needed to wake the screen then enter the security protection.

See below for details on what to expect and photos of the new interface.

download Sony Z3 lollipop

This is quite obviously showing you the download and install prompts.

Rogers Sony Z3 update to lollipop


Keep in mind, the file size is about 600MB so make sure you have a good WiFi connection, at least 50% battery life, and I recommend giving yourself a solid 45 minutes of time to finish the whole process.

what's new with sony

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Tap through the appropriate screens to reach completion.

install complete


You’re done! Now time to enjoy the new interface. Here’s a few shots to show you what to expect:

Screenshot_2015-04-24-10-02-23Screenshot_2015-04-24-10-00-12Screenshot_2015-04-24-09-59-40setup sony z3 photo folder


hide text message content on lock screen sony z3sony z3 lollipop homescreen


And finally, below you can see the Android version is 5 :: aka Lollipop … for your records you can save this screenshot so that you know what build number you need if you were ever in need of a rom or have done something related to rooting your device and want to revert.

rogers sony z3 lollipop build number

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phone mount for sony xperia z3

Have you updated your Rogers Sony Z3 to Lollipop yet? Connect with me on Twitter and let me know what you think. What are you happy about, what do you think needs improvement? For myself, I think it was worth the wait and Sony did a fantastic job with the update. Haven’t even come across any bugs yet myself. Like I said earlier, the only thing that bothers me is having to swipe on the lock screen before entering the password.

For those hardcore Sony lovers who like to take their device everywhere. I’ve recently started using this awesome mount by New Chance. It has a heavy duty clip that can essentially clip to anything and the wire/coil is super flexible and moveable so you can create a mount for any situation. So far I have used it clipped to my bed headboard (for lazy days), clipped it to my car dash so that I can have a truly hands-free driving experience but still enjoy my music and gps features … and I have even used it as a photography stand. Just moulded it into a stand and sat it on the grass to take the photo below:



How to Turn Off Retail Mode Samsung Galaxy S6 S6 Edge

It’s likely you’re a retail store representative if you’re reading this article. Perhaps you want to take the phone and use it for yourself, or perhaps you want to truly demo the phone to your clients. Me, I wanted a true test of the fast charging of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge and with the retail mode on it would only charge 1% per minute. Not exactly the same awesome speed that Samsung promised which is 40% in only 10 minutes!

If you’re looking up this tutorial because you’ve stolen the retail demo unit, well there’s not much I can do about that, but in most cases you’ll be sad to hear that the majority of the units are WiFi-Only which means they cannot be activated onto a mobile network. This alone sets my mind at ease for posting this tutorial.

Step 1.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Home Screen


From your Home Screen touch the “Apps” icon – it’s in the bottom-right corner.

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Step 2.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Samsung Retail


Scroll through your apps and find “Samsung Retail Mode” app ….. not be confused with the “RetailMode” app. Open up Samsung Retail Mode.

Step 3.

Galaxy S6 Edge Configuration

Touch “Configuration settings” 

Step 4.

Samsung S6 Edge Admin Password

Enter the password: 5444 and touch OK. This will unlock the admin menu we need.

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Step 5.

Samsung S6 Edge Disable Factory Reset

Now turn OFF “disable the factory data reset”.

Step 6.

Galaxy S6 Edge Retail Password


Enter the following admin password M729Q16K8546 and touch OK. Now you will be prompted to Factory Reset the phone. It is the final step to turning of the Retail Mode on your Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

GS6 Edge Retail Factory Reset


Now you will loose all the fake contacts, photos, text messages and other preloaded content, but you will be able to demonstrate the fast charging feature. You may also adjust the retail demo mode to play only during certain times of the day, or on certain days, but the only true way to turn off retail mode is to do the factory reset.

If this article and tutorial was helpful for you, please let others know.


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Download Free Music

If you live in Canada like I do, and you’ve read over the internet laws, you will know that it is perfectly legal to download copyright material for your own personal use (for example, back ups, demos, etc). However, it is not legal to upload copyright material in Canada so how do you go about using peer-to-peer software like BitTorrent without uploading it to others?

Before we get started with the download process, I suggest you get yourself protected. I prefer to use a service like BTGuard that anonymizes your internet connection so it appears that you are located in a different area. My top two picks are BTGuard and Private Internet Access VPN. BTGuard is easy to use and gives you a couple different options, but it’s a little more expensive. Private Internet Access VPN, on the other hand, only has one option to choose from, it’s quite simple to use and it is actually a bit cheaper.

BTGuard - BitTorrent Anonymously Buy VPN


If you need help with protecting your internet access, tweet me:

  • Download BitTorrent (100% Free and Legal to use!) 
  • Avoid installing Unwanted Software by Declining Offers 

    installing bittorrent and declining offers

  • Head over to Kick Ass Torrents (my favorite torrent site for music)

    NOTE: KickAssTorrents is NOT SAFE FOR WORK unless you login – it’s free to sign up and it will remove ads

  • Search for your song or artist. I like to search by artist and find the discography so that I can get ALL necessary songs at one time.

    search kick ass torrents

  • In the search results, you want to choose the most relevant option that has the most “Seeds”. Seeders are people that are sharing the file(s) from their computer and usually the more seeders, the better that torrent is. For this example, I am going to choose the Discography because I want to be able to maximize my efficiency (more songs per download).

    kick ass torrent search results

    Note: You can also see the number of files in the torrent – this is good to pay attention to when searching less popular items in order to avoid downloading viruses. For example, if you are downloading a discography but there are only 3 files contained – it might be a fake. So beware!

  • Ok , so now you’re on the download page. PLEASE VIEW THE IMAGE BELOW. These guys have ads all over their website and the giant “Download” button is one of them. So take a quick peek at the image below to see the real download button you should click. You can also favorite (click the heart) or download the magnet.

    If you SIGN IN to kick ass torrents, ads will be removed and you will only see the REAL download link.

    kick ass download button

    Note: Only use magnet download if you are sure that you want to download all files contained in the torrent because magnet downloads will start without letting you choose the files you want.

  • Once the torrent file is downloaded, you need to click it to open it in BitTorrent. The image provided here is for Chrome users (please comment below if you would like an image for other browsers).

    open torrent file

  • When the torrent opens in BitTorrent it will show you the following window;

    select none torrents

    Click the “Select None” button to deselect all of the songs (unless you want them all).

  • Now go ahead and select the songs that you would like from this artist. Keep in mind, most discographies will be sorted into album folders so you may need to click the drop arrow to open the album and select songs.

    select free songs

    Note: Check mark by an album will download the entire album so please make sure you open the folders to select only the songs you with to download.


Congratulations on completing this tutorial on how to download free music from the internet! Please keep in mind that you should check with your local authorities about the legislation in your for downloading copyright material from the internet.

Most governments are now trying to spy on citizens through the internet and there is a big movement against this happening all over the world. As stated earlier, if you would like to privatize your internet connection so that those guys don’t know what you’re doing, please consider a private VPN.

BTGuard - BitTorrent Anonymously Buy VPN

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How to Save Skype Video Messages

Skype now offers the ability to send video messages when the other party does not answer your Skype call. It allows you send up to 3 minutes of video to the receiving party and they can play or replay the video at their leisure. You will need to get Skype version 4 or higher to send Skype video messages.Skype For Dummies

Now, I don’t know about you, but I have received some pretty great Skype video messages and I want to ensure that I can save them for far into the future. I know that you can go back in time on your Skype history and watch the old videos, but you never know when Microsoft aka Skype is going to change that.
So before you continue onto the rest of this article, be sure to brush up on how to SEND a Skype video message.

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Get the latest version of Skype

Download the VideoMessageExporter program (this link is for MacOSX)

Drag the program into your Applications Folder Install Video Message Exporter

Load up Skype and play your video message(s)

Open the Video Message Exporter program and download/save the videos that you’ve just opened and want to save Skype HacksSave Skype Video Messages

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If you’ve completed the above steps and saved some of those awesome Skype Video Messages, you’ve officially become a newbie techie. Congrats! You may now be ready for some more advanced techniques. I’ve read a bit about Skype Hacks and there’s plenty more to know. As for the other OS (operating system) users, post your OS (iPhone, Windows, etc) here and I will address those as needed.

Happy Skype Video Messaging! 🙂

Unlock Softbank iPhone

For the last 2-3 years I have been searching for a way to unlock the SoftBank iPhones … I know many people that have been scammed by those selling SoftBank iPhones for use on other networks. Those people eventually find out that the phone cannot be unlocked and therefore, cannot be used on their carrier’s network.

I myself, got rid of a SoftBank iPhone to a kid that thought he would be able to unlock it, even though I was clear that it was not possible to unlock it. I cannot tell you how bad I felt taking the kid’s money because I am sure that he felt his heart sink when he finally got the phone home and tried to unlock it.

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Well finally, SoftBank has released the unlock codes for the iPhones! I have been signed up for updates at and now they have the ability to send you the unlock codes. I am a big advocate for carriers providing unlock codes to their users because I think that it will increase competition in the telecom industry. Not to mention, that I am a resident of Canada which is one of the countries with the highest cost for mobile services. (and the main man behind SoftBank is a multi-BILLIONAIRE! – he’s one of the worlds top 50 richest people — give us our unlock codes already)

Now if you plan on unlocking your SoftBank iPhone, they will require you to provide some information about your phone:

  1. Your Carrier (in this case, SoftBank)
  2. Your Phone Model (for example, iPhone 4S)
  3. Your Phone IMEI
  4. Go to the unlock code website

You may have heard of people stealing IMEI’s online to use them, for whatever reasons, but I assure you that these guys are legit.
Why do I know this?
2 years ago I sent them about $40 Euros (which is quite expensive for an unlock code these days) to obtain an unlock code for my SoftBank iPhone 4S.
I waited almost 2 months with no unlock code.
Eventually, they sent me an email informing me that they could not obtain the unlock and then they promptly refunded the amount that was paid.
Not only did they perform this service quickly and without question, they also promised to inform me when the code was available.

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I recommend unlocking your mobile device no matter what carrier it is on, especially if you like to travel. It will drastically reduce your mobile service costs while traveling.
Let me know what you think about unlocking your mobile device. Do you need help with it? Connect with me @SillyTechie

Leaked Snapchats Online!

About 8 months ago I joined the Snapchat craze. If you have not yet joined in the fun, you should visit your mobile app store and download Snapchat for free right now! Also, you may be wondering how I’ve captured some of the snaps that I’m about to share with you… well, if you want to join in the fun, you’re going to want to Download this FREE app as well.

Ok, so enough chit chat, let’s get to the good stuff! Some images may be edited to protect the person in the image/video.

  1. crack-in-bush
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  3. gopro porno time
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What do you think about your precious SnapChat now? I don’t care if people can take my awesome snaps and put them online – do it! It’s hilarious!

Also, check back here often for more funny SnapChats – I will keep this page updated for your enjoyment. If you like these, share them on Facebook or Twitter.

5 Great Call Center Software Programs

So I was sitting in the pub the other day listening to a couple of business owners talk about how much they pay their secretaries and customer service representatives. It sparked an interest in me about what it would cost them to use computer software to drive their customer service and phone call management systems.

Now you may not like me for this because you might be someone with this type of job position, but you might end up loving me if you have a business that requires something like this.

I’ve searched out some of the best call center software programs for you and I will list some of their best features as well.

1. Voicent CRM

multicolored features wheelKey Features:

    1. Automatically track all customer interactions
    2. Automatically save and manage Customer Opt-Out and Contact Preferences
    3. Automatically display customer information to agents
    4. Intelligently, efficiently recognize callers and serve them accordingly
    5. Design and manage sales and marketing campaigns






2. Marketcircle DayLite CRM for Mac OS X

blue software packagingKey Features:

    1. Fully customizable
    2. Networked with multi-user support
    3. full ACT! importer
    4. Auto Dialer & Call log
    5. Automatic follow up mechanism
    6. Delegation and filtering



3. ContaxCRM Suite for Windows

software packaging Key Features:

    1. Integrated CRM, Productivity & Security Applications
    2. Capture, store, view, interact, communicate with and manage all of your contacts
    3. Up to 384bit encryption on Files and Mail
    4. Includes ContaxCRM, R10BatchMail, ooSooMpro and R10Cipher  [the_ad id=”581″]





4. Mekashron Business

software packagingKey Features:

    1. IP phone, using a protocol called SIP to place VoIP calls through your PBX
    2. Dial several customers at the same time
    3. Dials directly from its own assigned extension number
    4. Works with any IP PBX that supports SIP
    5. Remote access to allow your staff to work from home on on the road
    6. Multi-language support


5. Express Talk VoIP Softphone

call center software packagingKey Features:

    1. Software works on both Mac and PC
    2. Works with almost any VoIP gateway provider or office PBX More information on VoIP
    3. Conferencing, recording, and voice commands
    4. Place callers on hold (on-hold music included)
    5. Configure up to 6 telephone lines on Express Talk
    6. Supports Emergency number calling (ex 911, 999, 000)



So what do you think? Need help with one of these pieces of software? Let me know your thoughts!

If you found this helpful, remember: “Sharing is caring” (in other words, share this post ya selfish yuppie! lol)

5 Easy Steps to Remove Saved Passwords in Firefox

So now that I’ve shown everyone how to remove their saved passwords in Google Chrome, I’ve had a few people asking me about how to do the same thing in FireFox Browser. Well luckily for you, I run both browsers (and about 3 others) so I can show you!
Note: If you know how to do the following and just want to get more out of FireFox, perhaps you should check out
Firefox Hacks

First off, I’m going to assume that you know a little bit on how to navigate your computer to find these menus … the photos you see below are for the Mac version of Firefox, so if you’re running Windows and you really cannot figure out how to get the menus you see below, please do not hesitate to contact me.

1. Click on FireFox menu in the top right corner of your screen (or of your browser if you’re a Windows user).

2. Click Preferences menu option. If you want to become really awesome and impress people, you can learn the shortcut key combination which is Control + , (at the same time), then you don’t even need to go through this menu! Cool!

the Firefox menu on a mac with Preferences option highlighted

3. Click on the Security Tab … or in other words, click on padlock (seriously, some people need me to explain it to them this way – it’s ok, I’m not judging you <3 ).

4. Click on the Saved Passwords… button in the bottom right corner.

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5. Select the password account that you want to remove and click the Remove Button.


So you want to edit your password? Sorry, I hate to break it to you, but you’ll have to delete the associate password first, go to the website to login and save the password.

I use this screen quite often simply because I have way too many passwords to remember them all and sometimes I need to “Show Passwords” so that I can login on another computer.

So now that you’re on your way to becoming a guru of all things web browser related, if I’ve missed something please let me know. Otherwise, Follow me on Twitter @SillyTechie and keep up with all of the other tips and tricks I throw out there.

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If you still don’t know what’s going on, perhaps you need to check out
Firefox For Dummies
. But if you are the opposite and just want to know a lot more about how to get the most out of FireFox, you may want to check out
Firefox Hacks

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