How to Save Skype Video Messages

Skype now offers the ability to send video messages when the other party does not answer your Skype call. It allows you send up to 3 minutes of video to the receiving party and they can play or replay the video at their leisure. You will need to get Skype version 4 or higher to send Skype video messages.Skype For Dummies

Now, I don’t know about you, but I have received some pretty great Skype video messages and I want to ensure that I can save them for far into the future. I know that you can go back in time on your Skype history and watch the old videos, but you never know when Microsoft aka Skype is going to change that.
So before you continue onto the rest of this article, be sure to brush up on how to SEND a Skype video message.

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Get the latest version of Skype

Download the VideoMessageExporter program (this link is for MacOSX)

Drag the program into your Applications Folder Install Video Message Exporter

Load up Skype and play your video message(s)

Open the Video Message Exporter program and download/save the videos that you’ve just opened and want to save Skype HacksSave Skype Video Messages

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If you’ve completed the above steps and saved some of those awesome Skype Video Messages, you’ve officially become a newbie techie. Congrats! You may now be ready for some more advanced techniques. I’ve read a bit about Skype Hacks and there’s plenty more to know. As for the other OS (operating system) users, post your OS (iPhone, Windows, etc) here and I will address those as needed.

Happy Skype Video Messaging! 🙂

Wireless, Battery-less Cellphone Chargers

If you’re like me, you’re probably really busy and always out and about doing whatever it is that keeps us so darn busy. If you’re that busy and always on the go, like me, you probably also use a cellphone to keep your social and business life on track. But what happens when you’re on the go and your cellphone dies? Some of us are so dependent on our mobile communication devices, that we are almost lost without them and some of us even carry car/wall chargers around too.

Recently, I was attending the Edmonton Music Folk Festival and if you have ever attended, you would know that it is a very “green” event, and hence there is no place to charge your mobile devices and you’re stuck on a hill! Well, being the sociable person that I am, I just HAD to keep all my friends up to date with where I was, what I was doing, and what it looked like so I was texting, uploading images of the venue and checking in on Facebook. But alas, I hadn’t left the house with a full battery and seeing as these tasks are battery intensive and that I have a large, bright touch screen, my battery was just about dead after 3-4 hours of use.

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Well wouldn’t you know it, I came across this nifty device that charges your mobile devices using SOLAR POWER!! This is great for all day events, camping, laying around on the beach, or even if you do not have a car charger. Not to mention, this device uses USB which is becoming widely universal and you can charge a plentiful variety of devices using it. You can purchase these solar charges anywhere between $10-$200 and the price usually just represents the type of connectors it comes with and the amount of power input it throws out. The more expensive, the more devices you’ll be able to use with it and the faster it will charge your device. However, some of them also include a flashlight torch and/or am/fm radio receiver. Here are few examples:

To be honest, I would recommend whichever fits your budget. Typically they are all about the same as far as functionality, but like I said, some come with more features than others.
If you have any other neat, wireless charging options, feel free to contact me :) info@sillytechie.com

Why You Should Have A Google Plus Account

Google+ has finally broke into the social networking scene with their new facebook-esque social networking tool called Google+. I was fortunate enough to have a Google+ account before it was even released to the general public for sign up and now it has exploded. So why should you get a Google+ account when you already have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest? Well, if you plan on marketing anything on the internet, you will reap the benefits of better SEO and networking.

For those individuals targeting online traffic, Google products including Google+ and YouTube, have become more important as they are now part of the new search algorithm. What does this mean for people marketing or networking online? It means your Google profiles are more relevant in searches as compared to your other favorites social networking sites.

Another reason is that Google+ utilizes a unique “circles” idea, where you can drag and drop your friends, family and coworkers into the appropriate circle. For example, I have ‘Friends’, ‘Family’ and ‘Work’ circles in which I place the appropriate people, sometimes they get to be placed into two circles depending on the relationship we have. The great thing about the circles is, let’s say for example, I was getting married. I would most definitely want to tell my family first and foremost so I could write up a message and send it to “Family Circle” and everyone in my family circle would receive it.
[the_ad id=”581″] Not only do they have all of your social relationships organized, they utilize this organization pattern by letting you arrange a “Hangout” with one or more circles of your choice. This “Hangout” tool has become very useful for businesses and networkers because it allows everyone invited to the “Hangout” to video face-to-face with each other, share youtube videos, and IM (instant message) each other all at the same time.

Added benefits to having a Google+ account:
-Your Android phone can sync automatically
-Your mobile photos can be automatically uploaded
-You can check into places easier than ever
-Your schedule can be automatically synced
-Increases your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) relevancy

Fun fact: At the time of this posting, the Google+ user with the most friends is Mark Zuckerburg, founder of Facebook. (of course, he wouldn’t want his competition getting the one up on him)

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