5 Great Call Center Software Programs

So I was sitting in the pub the other day listening to a couple of business owners talk about how much they pay their secretaries and customer service representatives. It sparked an interest in me about what it would cost them to use computer software to drive their customer service and phone call management systems.

Now you may not like me for this because you might be someone with this type of job position, but you might end up loving me if you have a business that requires something like this.

I’ve searched out some of the best call center software programs for you and I will list some of their best features as well.

1. Voicent CRM

multicolored features wheelKey Features:

    1. Automatically track all customer interactions
    2. Automatically save and manage Customer Opt-Out and Contact Preferences
    3. Automatically display customer information to agents
    4. Intelligently, efficiently recognize callers and serve them accordingly
    5. Design and manage sales and marketing campaigns






2. Marketcircle DayLite CRM for Mac OS X

blue software packagingKey Features:

    1. Fully customizable
    2. Networked with multi-user support
    3. full ACT! importer
    4. Auto Dialer & Call log
    5. Automatic follow up mechanism
    6. Delegation and filtering



3. ContaxCRM Suite for Windows

software packaging Key Features:

    1. Integrated CRM, Productivity & Security Applications
    2. Capture, store, view, interact, communicate with and manage all of your contacts
    3. Up to 384bit encryption on Files and Mail
    4. Includes ContaxCRM, R10BatchMail, ooSooMpro and R10Cipher  [the_ad id=”581″]





4. Mekashron Business

software packagingKey Features:

    1. IP phone, using a protocol called SIP to place VoIP calls through your PBX
    2. Dial several customers at the same time
    3. Dials directly from its own assigned extension number
    4. Works with any IP PBX that supports SIP
    5. Remote access to allow your staff to work from home on on the road
    6. Multi-language support


5. Express Talk VoIP Softphone

call center software packagingKey Features:

    1. Software works on both Mac and PC
    2. Works with almost any VoIP gateway provider or office PBX More information on VoIP
    3. Conferencing, recording, and voice commands
    4. Place callers on hold (on-hold music included)
    5. Configure up to 6 telephone lines on Express Talk
    6. Supports Emergency number calling (ex 911, 999, 000)



So what do you think? Need help with one of these pieces of software? Let me know your thoughts!

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