Top 5 Pick Android Quad Core Phones

What is a “quad core”?

When we refer to and android quad core phone, we are talking about a mobile phone that has 4 processors in it. What does this mean? When it comes to any computerized device such as a mobile phone, a processor is required in order to process the sets of information needed to perform properly. So when we have 4 processors on board, it means that our device can process 4 sets of different instructions at one time. This greatly increases the speed of our device because we do not have to wait as long for each set of information to be processed one at a time.

So here are my top 5 picks for the newest android quad core phones as of May 2014:

1. HTC One Mini 2

htc one mini 2

Cool Features:

– Slim Form

-16GB Built-in Disk space

– Corning Gorilla Glass 3


2. Sony Xperia Z

sony xperia z

Cool Features:

– Dust & Water Resistant

– Shatter proof and scratch-resistant glass

– TV out jack


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3. LG G2 Mini

lg g2 mini

Cool Features:

– Slim Design

– Create a WiFi Hotspot

– Long Battery Life


4. Samsung Galaxy S4

samsung galaxy s4

Cool Features:

– Corning Gorilla Glass 3

– Wireless Charging

– Air Gestures




5. Motorola Moto G

motorola moto g

Cool Features:

– Slim Design

– USB Host

– Super Accurate GPS

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I personally sport the Sony Xperia Z¬†android quad core and I absolutely love it. I don’t like big, chunky phones so this one works great for me.