The Best in Android Wear Clothing

Recently I visited Maya Riviera, Mexico and a small shop that carried a few great t-shirt designs that I absolutely fell in love with. The one I purchased pictured the android logo eating the apple logo. As an avid Android user and Google product advocate I thought, why isn’t this stuff everywhere?

So I’ve gone on a mission to compile some of the best Android wear available for purchase and share it with you. I have found the following items to come in a nice variety of colors, but also to fit well and comfortably.

I have a¬†small¬†obsession with Google’s Android and so I decided that my new go-to comfy sweater should be a sweet new hoody and I swear, I looked everywhere for the right one. (the one I had before then was all stained an grungy and my mother told me I looked like a bum, pffftt) Then I came across this bad boy with the android robot eating an apple and at first I smiled from ear to ear, then decided this is exactly my kind of swag. I know that you can get it in a variety of different colors if you buy it online.

Now it’s not that I am an Apple hater or anything, but I just think the concept is hilarious because I find that most Android users are typically open to Apple products, but the opposite is not necessarily true.

If you’re shopping for summer and you want to get REALLY intense with your ‘droid love and apple hatred, this gruesome t-shirt is definitely for you.

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And perhaps you’re a genius with the Android OS and you’ve got multiple droids, rooted, running different ROMs and well, basically you’re a superhero. This super hero android tee is what you need to add to your permanent wardrobe…I know, I have.

Okay, so now that I’m somewhat of your personal stylist, I think that we need to accessorize. If you’re obsessed with Android and want to really kick your Android wear into full geek slash android die-hard, you’ve got to accessorize with an Android Glow in the Dark Keychain and an Android Cell Phone Charm. And let’s not forget these super awesome new Smart Watch for Android Phones which actually lets you check email, Facebook and text messages right from your watch!
I know some people don’t like the plastic/silicon wrist bands that come with these watches, which is why I like this one because you can swap it out for other wrist bands like PU leather and other colors.

Wow, we’ve really gone overboard here. Or have we? Who cares, I love this stuff! And I want other Android lovers to approach me while I’m out and about rocking my Android wear gear so I bought one of these sweet portable speakers. I find that if I’m playing some really cool music from this little Droid speaker, at least one person always stops to comment. So much for being an introverted geek.

Leave me some feedback on these items and what you think about them.

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