Leaked Snapchats Online!

About 8 months ago I joined the Snapchat craze. If you have not yet joined in the fun, you should visit your mobile app store and download Snapchat for free right now! Also, you may be wondering how I’ve captured some of the snaps that I’m about to share with you… well, if you want to join in the fun, you’re going to want to Download this FREE app as well.

Ok, so enough chit chat, let’s get to the good stuff! Some images may be edited to protect the person in the image/video.

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  3. gopro porno time
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What do you think about your precious SnapChat now? I don’t care if people can take my awesome snaps and put them online – do it! It’s hilarious!

Also, check back here often for more funny SnapChats – I will keep this page updated for your enjoyment. If you like these, share them on Facebook or Twitter.

The Best in Android Wear Clothing

Recently I visited Maya Riviera, Mexico and a small shop that carried a few great t-shirt designs that I absolutely fell in love with. The one I purchased pictured the android logo eating the apple logo. As an avid Android user and Google product advocate I thought, why isn’t this stuff everywhere?

So I’ve gone on a mission to compile some of the best Android wear available for purchase and share it with you. I have found the following items to come in a nice variety of colors, but also to fit well and comfortably.

I have a small obsession with Google’s Android and so I decided that my new go-to comfy sweater should be a sweet new hoody and I swear, I looked everywhere for the right one. (the one I had before then was all stained an grungy and my mother told me I looked like a bum, pffftt) Then I came across this bad boy with the android robot eating an apple and at first I smiled from ear to ear, then decided this is exactly my kind of swag. I know that you can get it in a variety of different colors if you buy it online.

Now it’s not that I am an Apple hater or anything, but I just think the concept is hilarious because I find that most Android users are typically open to Apple products, but the opposite is not necessarily true.

If you’re shopping for summer and you want to get REALLY intense with your ‘droid love and apple hatred, this gruesome t-shirt is definitely for you.

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And perhaps you’re a genius with the Android OS and you’ve got multiple droids, rooted, running different ROMs and well, basically you’re a superhero. This super hero android tee is what you need to add to your permanent wardrobe…I know, I have.

Okay, so now that I’m somewhat of your personal stylist, I think that we need to accessorize. If you’re obsessed with Android and want to really kick your Android wear into full geek slash android die-hard, you’ve got to accessorize with an Android Glow in the Dark Keychain and an Android Cell Phone Charm. And let’s not forget these super awesome new Smart Watch for Android Phones which actually lets you check email, Facebook and text messages right from your watch!
I know some people don’t like the plastic/silicon wrist bands that come with these watches, which is why I like this one because you can swap it out for other wrist bands like PU leather and other colors.

Wow, we’ve really gone overboard here. Or have we? Who cares, I love this stuff! And I want other Android lovers to approach me while I’m out and about rocking my Android wear gear so I bought one of these sweet portable speakers. I find that if I’m playing some really cool music from this little Droid speaker, at least one person always stops to comment. So much for being an introverted geek.

Leave me some feedback on these items and what you think about them.

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Top 5 Pick Android Quad Core Phones

What is a “quad core”?

When we refer to and android quad core phone, we are talking about a mobile phone that has 4 processors in it. What does this mean? When it comes to any computerized device such as a mobile phone, a processor is required in order to process the sets of information needed to perform properly. So when we have 4 processors on board, it means that our device can process 4 sets of different instructions at one time. This greatly increases the speed of our device because we do not have to wait as long for each set of information to be processed one at a time.

So here are my top 5 picks for the newest android quad core phones as of May 2014:

1. HTC One Mini 2

htc one mini 2

Cool Features:

– Slim Form

-16GB Built-in Disk space

– Corning Gorilla Glass 3


2. Sony Xperia Z

sony xperia z

Cool Features:

– Dust & Water Resistant

– Shatter proof and scratch-resistant glass

– TV out jack


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3. LG G2 Mini

lg g2 mini

Cool Features:

– Slim Design

– Create a WiFi Hotspot

– Long Battery Life


4. Samsung Galaxy S4

samsung galaxy s4

Cool Features:

– Corning Gorilla Glass 3

– Wireless Charging

– Air Gestures




5. Motorola Moto G

motorola moto g

Cool Features:

– Slim Design

– USB Host

– Super Accurate GPS

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I personally sport the Sony Xperia Z android quad core and I absolutely love it. I don’t like big, chunky phones so this one works great for me.

5 Great Call Center Software Programs

So I was sitting in the pub the other day listening to a couple of business owners talk about how much they pay their secretaries and customer service representatives. It sparked an interest in me about what it would cost them to use computer software to drive their customer service and phone call management systems.

Now you may not like me for this because you might be someone with this type of job position, but you might end up loving me if you have a business that requires something like this.

I’ve searched out some of the best call center software programs for you and I will list some of their best features as well.

1. Voicent CRM

multicolored features wheelKey Features:

    1. Automatically track all customer interactions
    2. Automatically save and manage Customer Opt-Out and Contact Preferences
    3. Automatically display customer information to agents
    4. Intelligently, efficiently recognize callers and serve them accordingly
    5. Design and manage sales and marketing campaigns






2. Marketcircle DayLite CRM for Mac OS X

blue software packagingKey Features:

    1. Fully customizable
    2. Networked with multi-user support
    3. full ACT! importer
    4. Auto Dialer & Call log
    5. Automatic follow up mechanism
    6. Delegation and filtering



3. ContaxCRM Suite for Windows

software packaging Key Features:

    1. Integrated CRM, Productivity & Security Applications
    2. Capture, store, view, interact, communicate with and manage all of your contacts
    3. Up to 384bit encryption on Files and Mail
    4. Includes ContaxCRM, R10BatchMail, ooSooMpro and R10Cipher  [the_ad id=”581″]





4. Mekashron Business

software packagingKey Features:

    1. IP phone, using a protocol called SIP to place VoIP calls through your PBX
    2. Dial several customers at the same time
    3. Dials directly from its own assigned extension number
    4. Works with any IP PBX that supports SIP
    5. Remote access to allow your staff to work from home on on the road
    6. Multi-language support


5. Express Talk VoIP Softphone

call center software packagingKey Features:

    1. Software works on both Mac and PC
    2. Works with almost any VoIP gateway provider or office PBX More information on VoIP
    3. Conferencing, recording, and voice commands
    4. Place callers on hold (on-hold music included)
    5. Configure up to 6 telephone lines on Express Talk
    6. Supports Emergency number calling (ex 911, 999, 000)



So what do you think? Need help with one of these pieces of software? Let me know your thoughts!

If you found this helpful, remember: “Sharing is caring” (in other words, share this post ya selfish yuppie! lol)

5 Easy Steps to Remove Saved Passwords in Firefox

So now that I’ve shown everyone how to remove their saved passwords in Google Chrome, I’ve had a few people asking me about how to do the same thing in FireFox Browser. Well luckily for you, I run both browsers (and about 3 others) so I can show you!
Note: If you know how to do the following and just want to get more out of FireFox, perhaps you should check out
Firefox Hacks

First off, I’m going to assume that you know a little bit on how to navigate your computer to find these menus … the photos you see below are for the Mac version of Firefox, so if you’re running Windows and you really cannot figure out how to get the menus you see below, please do not hesitate to contact me.

1. Click on FireFox menu in the top right corner of your screen (or of your browser if you’re a Windows user).

2. Click Preferences menu option. If you want to become really awesome and impress people, you can learn the shortcut key combination which is Control + , (at the same time), then you don’t even need to go through this menu! Cool!

the Firefox menu on a mac with Preferences option highlighted

3. Click on the Security Tab … or in other words, click on padlock (seriously, some people need me to explain it to them this way – it’s ok, I’m not judging you <3 ).

4. Click on the Saved Passwords… button in the bottom right corner.

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5. Select the password account that you want to remove and click the Remove Button.


So you want to edit your password? Sorry, I hate to break it to you, but you’ll have to delete the associate password first, go to the website to login and save the password.

I use this screen quite often simply because I have way too many passwords to remember them all and sometimes I need to “Show Passwords” so that I can login on another computer.

So now that you’re on your way to becoming a guru of all things web browser related, if I’ve missed something please let me know. Otherwise, Follow me on Twitter @SillyTechie and keep up with all of the other tips and tricks I throw out there.

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If you still don’t know what’s going on, perhaps you need to check out
Firefox For Dummies
. But if you are the opposite and just want to know a lot more about how to get the most out of FireFox, you may want to check out
Firefox Hacks

My Number 2 Favorite Android Hack

A friend of mind was recently messing around on my Android which is currently running Android version 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean, for those who only know it by name) and he came across this awesome little trick or hack where you can play a small Android Jelly Bean game! You’ll probably get bored of it after 2 minutes, but if you’re a huge tech geek like me, you’ll love this little trick. If you like this, you’ll love Android Fully Loaded.

1. Go to your applications screen (the screen that shows all of your apps – from your home screen it is usually a button that looks like 9 little squares).

2. Choose settings from the applications screen (some droids have alternative routes to accessing the settings menu, but whatever – I’m taking you the long way so just chill out and keep reading).

the screen on an android device that lists all of the installed applications a red box highlights the settings menu option


3. Scroll down to the bottom of the settings menu and choose the “About Phone” menu option (this may be positioned in a different spot depending on your phone manufacturer, but this is absolutely where you will find it). Here you’ll see a bunch of information about your device, as you can see in the image below step 4.

the settings menu screen on an android with a black background and a red box highlighting the About Phone option


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4. Tap on “Android Version” 3 times fast.

menu with a black background listing the device information and a red box highlights the Android Version information


5. You will see a new screen open with a Jelly Bean on it as seen below. Tap the Jelly Bean once to display the Jelly Bean face and the Android Version number.

a red jelly bean appears on the currently set background for the mobile phone and navigation items at the bottom


6. Drag your finger in a circular or swirling shaped motion around or on the Jelly Bean and the Jelly Bean game will begin.

A red Jelly Bean with an anime-style smiley face along with the Android version number and name below it in white letters


7. Swipe or move the Jelly Beans that appear on the screen. If you wait for a few minutes, the Jelly Beans will slowly reappear and float into the screen so that you can have more fun flinging them off the screen.

different colors and sizes of jelly beans floating around the screen - some with smiley faces, some without.

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Pretty neat stuff, eh?

Did your Android produce a different effect? Are you running another version of Android that produces a different game or screen? To take full advantage of your Android Mobile device, you may wish to read the book Android Phones for Dummies.

6 Simple Steps to Remove Saved Passwords In Chrome

Recently I have had many people asking me: “How do I delete or edit a saved password in my web browser?” Well, it’s really quite simple, if you know where to look. This particular walk-through is for Google Chrome web browser, but almost all other web browsers keep their saved passwords in similar locations. Alright, enough chit chat, let’s get to it!

Step one is to click on your settings menu in Google Chrome. You can see in the image below that it is located in the top-right corner of your browser and looks like 3 white bars stacked on top of each other… sort of like an icon for a list, I suppose.

the drop down menu that contains the settings options


Next, you want to choose the “Settings” option from the drop down menu to open up the settings page in Google Chrome. This will open up in a new tab in your web browser so no need to worry about  navigating away from your current web page (probably this one haha).

Great! Now you’ve got the settings tab open and by default, Google Chrome hides the advanced settings so please make sure that you have the “Settings” tab selected on the left-hand side of the window. It should open into this tab by default when you click on the Settings option from the Menu.

a blue link at the bottom of the screen that says Show additional settings...

Now, you must scroll down below the Default Browser section until you see “Show Advanced Settings…” link at the very bottom. It is a link as shown in the image above, so you can go ahead and click on it to show additional settings options on the same page.

Now that the additional settings have been loaded, you will need to scroll down to the section labeled Passwords and Forms. In this section you will see another link with the words “Manage Saved Passwords” as seen in the image below.

a blue link in the passwords and forms section that says Manage Saved Passwords

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You’re almost there! Click the link to open the passwords window as shown in the image below. This window allows you to show and delete the saved passwords. The first column shown is the website or url that has saved your username & password. The second column is the username associated with the website and password, and the third column is the password. By default Google Chrome hides the passwords for security reasons, but if you hover over the password you will see an ‘X’ appear to the right of the password. This is the delete option.

a dialog window that open up and lists all of the browsers saved website, username, password and delete X on the right of each list item and a done button in the bottom right corner of the dialog box

Likewise, if you click on the row associated with the password, you will see an option to “Show” that password. Depending on your security settings, you may be asked for administrative rights on your computer to show the passwords. On my computer, for example, Mac OS X asks me for my administrative password before Google Chrome will show my password. How considerate!

If you want to “edit” your password, you will have to delete the password from this list and then go the website again, enter your login information and hit “save” when Google Chrome asks you if you want to save your password. Done!


Did you find this tutorial useful? Sharing is caring!


Google Maps Gets Even Better!

So Google Maps just updated again and the new service is totally the bee’s knees! (yeah, I like to use korny old saying like that)

I use Google Maps a LOT, especially since I live in the Greater Vancouver Area and I am a transit queen. So I am always looking for the best route to get here and there via transit or walking and most of the time I’m on my Android phone. Google Maps rarely steers me wrong and now I’ve been using the newer Google Maps and it is blowing my socks off!

Not only are the transit times so close to perfect, the maps have started mapping a lot of the locations that I have previously mapped out – even from over a year ago! So… now Google Maps learns from the way you use it, the more you use it, the better it gets. It now gives related suggestions and reviews for areas that you point to on the maps.

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My Google Map
New Google Maps

Okay, so I’m not that great with the stylus pen, but these random locations are popping out on my map even at a zoomed out view because they are relevant searches that I have done in the past. How cool is that? If you don’t have a fancy Android phone like me, you might be interested in the Google Maps Client for Kindle Fire or perhaps Tab for Google Maps & offline map for those without a mobile data connection while on the go.

Have you found any other cool features not mentioned here? Let us know so we can all share the joys of the new Google Maps! And follow me on twitter to stay up in touch with updates and other cool apps/tech stuff.

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How To Re-attach Your iMac Stand

I recently moved to a city approx. 12,000 km away and had to transport my 27″ iMac without damaging it. So I removed the iMac stand and packed the iMac tightly with styrofoam and put it in a box. (I did not have the original iMac box)
When I got to my destination I discovered that the spring-loaded piece of the iMac that the stand attaches to, had sprung back inside the iMac. Just my luck – this piece is NOT easy to get out without the stand attached. So here’s what I ended up doing to get it out…

What you will need for this process:

Well firstly, this is what your iMac “flange” looks like once you’ve removed your iMac stand. The flange is the part of the iMac that we need to retrieve in order to reattach our iMac stand. It is spring-loaded so sometimes it can be difficult to retrieve without some trickery. Unfortunately, I do not have an image of the retracted flange as it was just too difficult to see in the photo. (image below is what the flange looks like when pulled out of the machine)


imac stand flange

Now you are going to retrieve the flange by threading pipe cleaners through each hole in the flange. These are the holes that your iMac screws are usually screwed into. I found that starting with a bit of a small hook on the pipe cleaner made it easier to thread through.

hooked pipe cleaner

You will likely only get the pipe cleaner threaded through a small portion without assistance, this is what the tweezers are for. I tried needle-nosed pliers for this, but they were just too big. Tweezers were small enough to fit in the crevasse and tough enough to offer assistance in pulling the pipe cleaner through to the point where I could grab it with my fingers.

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pipe cleaner

Make sure that you twist the pipe cleaner ends tightly so that they do not come undone when you yank on them later.
twisted pipecleaners
Do this for all 8 holes in the flange. Trust me, you will need them – I tried with only 6, but the pipe cleaners did not hold.

Now you need to use your plastic card to trigger the switch that allows the flange to move in and out of the iMac. I recommend getting a friend to help you with this step because it can be quite difficult to yank on the pipe cleaners while pressing the trigger with the card at the same time.
flange trigger

Pull on the pipe cleaners until you hear or feel the flange “click into place”, or once the pipe cleaners are completely outside of the iMac. Now you can remove the plastic card and the pipe cleaners.
pull flange outside imac

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Now that you’ve got your flange exposed (get your mind out of the gutter), I would recommend using compressed air to blow out any loose pipe cleaner fuzz. Any left over fuzz can affect the coolness of your machine and therefore, the performance.
imac stand flange

From here it is just as easy as positioning the stand and putting in all of the screws.
imac flange

You will need your plastic card again to hit the trigger in order to click the stand back into position. It will be quite tight at this point, which is why I recommend a card with no numbers or letters embossed on it.
release imac stand trigger

And there you have it! You’ve reattached your iMac stand! Woohoo!
imac stand with tools

Did you find this article helpful in re-attaching your iMac stand?
Leave me some feedback, or let me know what issues you ran into.



Update April 2, 2014: I read about another guy using this Siding Removal Tool to help him retrieve the flange from his iMac, however I have not tested this method so I cannot confirm or deny that it works. Have you tried this method? Please me know how it worked for you.

How to Download Free Music via Torrents

Disclaimer: This posting is purely for educational purposes and I do not condone or promote downloading of illegal content. Please check your country’s laws for downloading and uploading copyright materials.

So you want to have a large library of music, but you do not want to pay for it and you do not want to download each song individually? Then this tutorial is for you.

This is what you will need to begin:

Now that you have the appropriate software, let’s get started.

1. Use your web browser to go to the website Kick Ass Torrents (https://katcr.co/ – previously www.kickasstorrents.com)

2. Type in your song or artist of choice

3. Click SEARCH!
search kick ass torrents

4. Sort your results by the type of media you are searching for (music)

5. Click the file you desire (In this example, I am choosing the discography so that I can choose from all of the songs this artist has to offer all at the same time).
kick ass torrent search results

6. Click the DOWNLOAD TORRENT Button to download that torrent
kick ass download button

7. Open the downloaded file.

  1. a. Internet Explorer: by default opens a download window that asks you if you want to open the file.
  2. b. FireFox: by default shows the completed download in a pop-up window
  3. c. Google Chrome: by default shows the completed download near the bottom of the screen (double click on it)

open torrent file

8. Your computer will open the file using your default torrent program. Click “SELECT NONE” button to ensure that you do not download all of the music files (we only checkbox the songs that you WANT).
select none torrents

9. If your torrent contains multiple folders, you can click on the plus “+” symbol beside the folder to view the contents of the folder.

10. Within the folders you will see a bunch of files. Check mark the ones you want. DO NOT FORGET TO CHECK THE OTHER FOLDERS BEFORE YOU FINISH (you want to get all the songs at once, it’s way easier, trust me.)
select free songs

SIDE NOTE: Sometimes torrents include album art files, torrent source files, etc. If you want JUST MUSIC, you want to select ONLY “.mp3” files. If you cannot see the file type (at the end of the file description), simple drag the line to the right to reveal more (SEE THE LITTLE RED LINE IN THE IMAGE BELOW)

11. Click OK to start downloading!

I’m sure from here you can figure out from the progress bar that you can see all of your different torrent downloads and how far along they are…

Feel free to contact me via email if you can’t figure this out: sillytechi3@gmail.com

Happy Torrenting!

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