How To Get American Netflix on Canadian PS3

I recently had a big issue trying to get the American Netflix on my Playstation 3. I would set the DNS numbers in my network settings just like all of the tutorials tell you, but all of a sudden, Netflix would tell me that I could not play certain titles as if it had reverted back to the Canadian version.

So what gives?

For those that don’t know, Netflix recently changed their Canadian application to look for your location…. so you need to change the DNS on your router.

Unfortunately, I am using Telus internet provider and their routers do not allow you to change the DNS. So my work around was to use these american netflix dns records:


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On my PS3, while connecting my PS3 to a 3rd party routers. I’m using a low-end D-Link router and it works perfectly for getting around the Telus Router.

Simply connect the D-Link to the Telus Modem/Router as if it is a computer, then connect your PS3 to the D-Link router. I used a wired connection in order to get the maximum amount of bandwidth out of my connection. (Wouldn’t want any wireless interference reducing the quality of my Super HD video streaming haha)

If you are still having problems getting american netflix in canada, post your comments and I’ll give you some pointers.