Google Maps Gets Even Better!

So Google Maps just updated again and the new service is totally the bee’s knees! (yeah, I like to use korny old saying like that)

I use Google Maps a LOT, especially since I live in the Greater Vancouver Area and I am a transit queen. So I am always looking for the best route to get here and there via transit or walking and most of the time I’m on my Android phone. Google Maps rarely steers me wrong and now I’ve been using the newer Google Maps and it is blowing my socks off!

Not only are the transit times so close to perfect, the maps have started mapping a lot of the locations that I have previously mapped out – even from over a year ago! So… now Google Maps learns from the way you use it, the more you use it, the better it gets. It now gives related suggestions and reviews for areas that you point to on the maps.

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My Google Map
New Google Maps

Okay, so I’m not that great with the stylus pen, but these random locations are popping out on my map even at a zoomed out view because they are relevant searches that I have done in the past. How cool is that? If you don’t have a fancy Android phone like me, you might be interested in the Google Maps Client for Kindle Fire or perhaps Tab for Google Maps & offline map for those without a mobile data connection while on the go.

Have you found any other cool features not mentioned here? Let us know so we can all share the joys of the new Google Maps! And follow me on twitter to stay up in touch with updates and other cool apps/tech stuff.

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